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The Herbalife Nutrition Cook Book features a collection of 80 signature recipes from across Europe & Africa. The recipes are backed by science and have been tested by our Research & Development team and a professional chef, so that Members and Customers can enjoy food that tastes great and complements their nutritional needs. The Cookbook provides versatility when using Herbalife Nutrition products, as they can be used as ingredients in a variety of dishes, snacks, desserts as well as shakes & drinks.


  • Supports finding new ways to use products, as edible foods, offering a variety of tastes and textures
  • Easy to follow recipes suitable for all levels of culinary complexity
  • Nutritional information is displayed for all recipes
  • Recipes have been specifically designed featuring Herbalife Nutrition products to enhance key macro and micronutrients
  • Plenty of recipes feature only a few ingredients and provide an amazing taste
  • Recipes are clearly labelled vegetarian or vegan friendly
  • Many recipes can be prepared in advance saving time and providing high quality nutrition
  • Many recipes can be prepared quickly and can be eaten as a high protein snack on the go


With every purchase you will receive your own personal coach alongside access to our facebook support group packed with motivation, meal inspiration and online workouts for all abilities.